Onehouse - What and Where

A small insight to our location

Onehouse is a village of some 900 inhabitants approximately 2 miles West of Stowmarket and 17 miles West of Ipswich along the A14 corridor, in the heart of Suffolk. Very few maps show our existence even though the village has been here for hundreds of years. The village gets a mention in the 1066 census. Our Church is purported to date from the 13th Century, although recent work and surveying carried out would suggest that the Suffolk Round Tower originally dates to the 14th Century. A Church did previously exist on the site but it had only a Nave and Chancel. The village is spread over a large acreage and is effectively in 2 parts. The older part which includes numerous thatched cottages and grand houses and a newer part, albeit that the newer part has been built in the last 40 years. The older part includes the farm lands and the older country estate houses spread around the whole parish.

The original village school dating from 1898 was closed in the mid 1970's and placed in trust for the benefit of the residents of three villages, Onehouse, Harleston and Shelland, and in 1977, a Trust Management Committee was formed and the building became a Community Centre. To the rear of the newer part of Onehouse there is Northfield Wood, now a Woodland Trust property, maintained in part by the residents of Onehouse.

Two other things happened at the same time in 1977, an amateur dramatic group was set up in the three villages to make use of this community centre and aptly called themselves, The Jubilee Players. They still thrive today performing pantomimes and reviews and celebrate their 30th Anniversary on October 6th 2007; also a village magazine was started called The OHSMAG (The Onehouse, Harleston and Shelland MAGazine, which I had the pleasure of Editing for 10 years.

We are also one of the "Villages of Suffolk" to have a 30mph restriction applied to the residential section of the Parish.

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