The Onehouse Model Railway Shed

Here is the plan of our back garden showing the shed built lengthwise to the rear of the garage and facing into the remainder of the garden.

A photograph of the completed shed taken from an upstairs bedroom window. You will no doubt notice the appalling state of the garden on completion of the shed.

The garden has also now been revamped as part of the overall plan. The old concrete paths that varied in height and the original lawn have all gone.
The area next to the greenhouse is the Buffet patio; in front of the greenhouse is the rockery; next to the rockery is a second seating area.

Here are the Photo Albums -
The first shows the shed construction phase (Requested by some of our visitors)
The Building Stage

The second shows the garden rebuild after the shed had been built
The Garden Rebuild

The shed, because of its size (35 feet by 11 feet), has had to be built with both planning permission and building regulations. The foundations are 1 metre deep, 700mm concrete, 150mm concrete blocks and 3 courses of brick for footings. The oversite is 150mm of concrete on a damp proof membrane. The walls are buttressed single brick construction built on a damp proof course. The rear wall which adjoins the neighbours property is solid brick as are the 2 end walls. The front wall which faces the garden has 4 off 25mm double glazed window units and a 25mm half glazed door with quintuple locking bolts. The roof structure is 150mm x 50mm rafters, felted above, then purlings and finally galva primed corrugated steel sheeting. The rafters have a 50mm polystyrene insulation between them and then foil covered gyproc board on the inside for a ceiling. The outer edge of the roof structure is uPVC bargeboards and soffits all round. Guttering on the front edge feeds into an original downpipe from the garage roof. The left end of the shed to the right hand door jamb is the shed area. At this point there is a dividing wall with a standard internal door. The remainder is the railway workshop where the Onehouse Model Railway will be built.

The railway baseboard support frame structure has been built and the following 2 photographs show the railway room from opposite ends. The first was taken from the door leading into the railway room and the second was taken from the bottom end of the room by the last window looking back up the room.

The baseboard frame structure is 50mm x 50mm sawn timber, double screwed at each joint.

The Railway Room

The railway room from the door The railway room from the far end

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