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With the advent of a number of excellent Train Simultors appearing in the market place, we thought it time to add a few links to some good reference sites.

The Microsoft Train Simulator Pages.
This is the UK Site for the MTS.

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A second simulator product that finally arrived in the UK market place in November 2003 is TRS 2004 Railway Simulator This product was originally released as a Community Edition in December 2001 as TRAINZ. Several patches later it was released as a Retail Version. 2002 saw the release of the next version called Ultimate Trainz Collection (UTC). TRS 2004 is the latest version.

Please note TRS2004 is a NEW product and NOT an upgrade to the original TRAINZ or UTC.

Auran TRS2004 logo
Nels Andersons web site, where you can visit the Forums and ask questions and get answers; you can DOWNLOAD additional locos (mainly US and Canadian) and rolling stock for Train Sim and link to other sites. Logo
Matts web site, where you can look through the excellent tutorials on HOW TO create your locos and rolling stock for Train Sim; HOW TO reskin rolling stock to the livery of your choice. These tutorials will grow and grow over the coming months. Now hosting the largest collection of UK based content creation for TrainSim (Over 4500 items).

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Abacus Software who have already produced a number of addons: Train Sim Roundhouse (A collection of locos, rolling stock, activities and a new route), Train Sim Modeler (Design your own Locos, Rolling Stock, Buildings etc and export them straight into Train Sim), The LTV Erie Mining Company (This is a complete package from the route through activities to rolling stock).
They have also produced two e-books: A Step by Step Guide to Route Building which I found excellent (Now upgraded to Version 2) and A Step by Step Guide to making your own activities.

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Mike Banfields Medway Valley TRAINZ pages where he offers numerous track items (including 3rd Rail and Narrow Guage), buildings, bridges (including the Forth Rail Bridge) all for download.

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TrianzLuvr If you want additional loco's, rolling stock, scenery etc for the Auran Trainz Simulator then this is the site for you.

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Vern Moorhouses TrainSim pages where he discusses and provides reviews and links to ALL the Train Simulators available.
Vern has also produced five routes of his own for MS TrainSim.

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For those that would rather be the signalman than the driver, you should visit The PCRail Signalbox Simulation Site where you will find Heritage Simulations of yesteryear signalboxes, PowerBox Simulations of current day signalboxes and International Simulations.

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