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These pages will show over a period of time how the Onehouse Model Railway evolves from its humble beginnings to a fully working layout.
As this layout is intended to keep me (and probably my whole family, including inlaws, outlaws etc) absorbed in electronics, computing and not forgetting building and running a railway, it will take some years to bring the plan to completion.

So as not to encroach on the domestic dwelling and as we had the space in the garden, we have constructed a purpose built shed for the model railway to live in. Part of this shed, from the left end to the right hand door jamb, houses the garden paraphenalia, furniture, tools etc, and the remainder of it is given over to the model railway.

Links below will take you to variety of locations. Some are here on the Onehouse Railway Site, our plans, dreams, aspirations, our successes and our undoubted failures; others will take you to manufacturers and suppliers (Worldwide), not necessarily ones we use but included as they may be of interest to others building a model railway; model shops and suppliers around the UK. If we do find a quality supplier overseas that we use then they may well be mentioned here, especially if they can supply equipment not available in the UK. For those who have a desire to drive trains for real in the virtual world we have also included a number of links to Train Simulator related sites.

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