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The Onehouse Model Railway is being constructed in a purpose built shed.
The layout is 20 feet long and 9 feet wide. The original idea for the plan came from one of Cyril Freezers many Track Plan books. Cyrils plan has seen many changes over the years as each new Track Plan book is released. We have however stuck to the plan published in 1978 that was intended for a garage, ie 16 feet by 8 feet. We have extended it in both directions to fill the available area. We have also included a considerable number of long storage sidings in the hidden areas.

All these plans can be seen by clicking the approriate link button or from the text links below. These plans are 1200 x 600 but only around 15K each as they are restricted to 2 colour. Using an appropriate graphics package it is possible to overlay each plan to make a total plan of the whole layout.

The layout is on three separate levels (Level 0, Level 4 and Level 8)
with two gradiented link levels (Level 0 -> Level 4 and Level 4 -> Level 8).

Level 0 Button Level 0 is the baseboard level and from the original plan is the lower end dumbbell. We have extended this to provide a continuous running loop and four long storage sidings.

Level 0-4 Button Level 04 is the first incline that rises from the level 0 dumbbell to level 4 up a 1 in 42 gradient.

Level 4 Button Level 4 is the first station to be encountered and also provides a further four storage sidings, again hidden.

Level 4-8 Button Level 48 is the second incline that rises from level 4 to the level 8 station, again up a 1 in 42 gradient.

Level 8 Button Level 8 is the final and highest level which after passing through the Level 8 station disappears into the high level dumbbell.

Level 4 Terminus Button Level 4 also has a terminus station which appears in the centre of the layout.
This will be last section to be built and we may well make it a removeable section for exhibition purposes.

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