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For some considerable time, we at the Onehouse Model Railway have been keen to introduce sounds to our locomotive fleet. This was initially triggered by seeing the Rivarossi American Locomotives at an exhibition back in 1977, awesome locos and incredible sounds.

The second trigger was a visit to Eastside Trains in downtown Kirkland, Washington, USA, in 2003. They were demonstrating the new range of Broadway Limited Imports (BLI) American locos. Needless to say I bought one, a New York Hudson J1E with superb digital control and incredible sounds.

On return to the UK and our trip to the Hawick Exhibition I succumbed and bought two more BLI locomotives - The Pennsy 2-10-4 and the AC5 Cab Forward 2-8-8-4, both with superb quality build, top quality digital control and outstanding sounds.

The Pennsy 2-10-4
Pennsy 2-10-4 AC5 Cab Forward and J1E
Unfortunately buying a UK locomotive with sounds has always proved impossible. Nobody manufactures UK steam or diesel locomotives with sound. This situation may continue for some time to come.

However, it is now possible to purchase quality UK based locomotives and to fit sound decoders to them. These decoders are DCC based, relatively easy to fit, have full loco control and genuine British loco sounds incorporated in the decoder. These decoders use the ESU Loksound 3 decoder and are programmed with the British loco sounds by:

South West Digital Ltd

Sound Decoders that are currently available are: - (Click a thumbnail for a FULL SIZE image)

Class 20 locos Class 25 locos Class 37 loco Class 66 locos
Class 20 Class 25 Class 37 Class 66

Recently we purchased a South West Digital Class 66 sound decoder and we are in awe of the sounds that this decoder produced. Start engine sequence, idle, brakes released, throttle advance, single horn, double horn, throttle back, brake squeal and engine shutdown all faithfully reproduced.

A number of visitors to our layout and a number of model railway enthusiasts from UKTrainSim have asked if we could produce a video of the Class 66 loco to demonstrate the sounds that this sound decoder produces.

Having discussed this matter with South West Digital Ltd, they agreed to the production and release of the following video of the Class 66 demonstrating the sound set.

Please Note: The Class 66 soundset is Copyright South West Digital Ltd and shall not be reproduced in any form for any purpose. The video is Copyright Onehouse Model Railway.

Please feel free to link to this page from anywhere, BUT you MAY NOT distribute or host this video from any other website or via any CD / DVD media.

This video is full quality and lasts 4 minutes and is in Windows Media Player format (.wmv).
It is a 32 Megabyte download. Left click the link to stream it, Right click and "Save As" to download it.

Special thanks to my daughter Angela for taking the time to make and edit the video.

Class 66 Sounds Video

You can obtain more information about these sound decoders by visiting South West Digitals Website

More videos may follow of the other digital sound decoders as we acquire them and my daughter has time to visit to make and edit them.

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