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As we only normally provide a progress report each year, we have decided to add this Latest updates page so that we can add odd bits in the interim between reports.

Each progress report will then incorporate all these updates and this page will start afresh.

Most recent - Report for 03 October 2007

22 Oct 07 - Having a need to convert a Farish N Gauge 47 to DCC I spent an afternoon doing the conversion. I took photos and notes along the way. The result of that effort is here.

30 July 2008 - By extremely good fortune we have received the necessary boards to install the Level 4 Terminus.
A good friend of ours had changed gauge from HO to N and the boards he made for his new venture in N gauge proved to be too small for the design he ultimately settled upon. Another friend of ours collected the three baseboards (1200 x 1000) and took them to his residence. Finally deciding that they weren't what he needed and after discussion, he delivered the boards to us.
The length was great but the boards were too wide. Checking the frame underneath showed that the frame was only 790mm and the boards 990mm. Saw the edges off and we will be spot on for the terminus. This is the boards installed down the centre of the room. First one taken standing on a chair at the entrance door, the second one at backscene height.

As you can see, the three boards was slightly too long, so rather than cutting the boards to fit, we cut the existing framework to absorb the new boards. It worked out very well indeed.
Tracklaying then began in earnest along with all the power feeds and slots for point motors. 30 yards of Peco streamline, 4 double slips, 1 single slip, 5 left hand points and 12 right hand points. Grandson was well impressed and we let him drive the first train in to the Terminus.
Two more pictures showing the trackwork almost completed. Track to the coalstage still required.

Since these latest photos were taken, the trackwork has been completed, all the power feeds connected up and the trackwork fully tested. The Heljan turntable (Left hand picture, you can just see it behind the engine shed) has now been installed, setup and tested. It's a bit fiddly to start with but once you set the first exit, the rest are easy. The white sheet of paper next to the engine shed is a place marker for the goods shed which has also now been built and installed.
I will get the Level 8 station finished ONE DAY.


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