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This will be the links page to the electronics we have built for the Onehouse Model Railway. It is not our intention to repeat information on these pages that has been gleaned from other web sites, we will simply provide links to those sites as appropriate. For example, all our home grown DCC system has been built from circuits available at other sites as listed immediately below.


Onehouse Model Railway is going to use DCC Digital Command and Control and we intend to build it ourselves - albeit with a little help from our fellow modellers around the world.
We have scoured the World Wide Web looking for those modellers that have already been down the road of self-build DCC systems and we have identified a number of sites that have over the last few years done some tremendous work in both electronics and programming for DCC systems.

Our first port of call is to the Skövde Model RR club in Sweden.

The Tillorps Logo

These are a great bunch of guys who have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in producing a DCC system for their club and have made public all their efforts. You can visit The TMW Site and see for yourselves the work they have already done. They aren't sitting on their laurels either as they continue to upgrade their system with newer versions of software for the control of their layout.
We have been in contact with Lars Lundgren at TMW for some time now and would like to thank him and the TMW Programmer Andreas Hansson for their support in our efforts.

Our second port of call is to Mike Brandt's DCC Site

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Mike has produced a DCC system for his layout using discrete components and some excellent software. It is the DCC-MB system that is the basis for the TMW site mentioned above. You can visit The DCC-MB Site and see what Mike has already achieved.

Our third port of call is to Rutger Fribergs RailRoad Electronics Site

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Welcome to
Rutger Friberg's world of

Model Railroad

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Rutger is a prolific writer of RailRoad Electronics Manuals and has included a number of DCC circuits in his books. If you want to gather information on a range of Model RailRoad and DCC circuits you can visit Rutger Friberg's Site and see what he has to offer. Books 2, 4 and 5 appear to offer the most for budding DCC specialists including the booster board NMRA8 which we are building. Rutger is also co-author of The Comprehensive Guide to Digital Command and Control.

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